Jane’s Wardrobe

BLM-1823 copyBLM-1827 copyBLM-1861-2BLM-1873 copy-RecoveredBLM-1899-AnnouncementBLM-1911 copyI believe I may have sewn more this summer than I have ever sewn before. You can blame it on the pregnancy insomnia if you want or the nesting, I’m sure that had something to do with it, but the truth is I am on a personal mission of my own. I promised myself that by the end of this year at least 90% of the children’s wardrobes would be handmade. (I am fighting fast fashion one garment at a time, but that’s a story for another day…) As far as Jane, Madeleine, and Kilian are concerned I have almost reached that percentage. The older boys are a bit harder to sew for, so that may be a bit of a lofty goal, but we’ll see. I plan on sharing each of their wardobes over time, and as I add to them… so what better place to start than with Jane’s! You can refer to my last post to see her wearing each item.  Below are links to the patterns, fabric and accessories I used. (Some of the outfits I made without using a pattern… if you have any questions on those just ask and I’ll try my best to answer!)
handmade (to make)
handmade (to buy)
  • paci clip
  • the sweetest knit baby socks
  • bonnet and bonnet (not pictured here but shown in last post)
  • sandals (These have been sold out, but every pair they sell is adorable. Handmade in Nicaragua!)

Meet Baby Jane…

BLM-177020953389_10104837835665470_6339398875301675065_nBLM_0001IMG_3035IMG_3096IMG_311421105860_10156543067192738_2842019455428319780_n21433253_10156583395302738_4694087569060645354_nMommy and Girls_PSBLM-0957AKilianJane PSProfile_PSLittle FIngers_PSjaniesmiles2Janie Mads_PSKiddies_PSSmileyJaneTestDaddyJane_PSMommyJane_PS_1Jane Anastasia.
She arrived in the end of August, right on time and perfect as can be. My sister-in-law, Marie, came down to stay a couple of weeks, and made my life a dream come true. She arrived 6 days before Jane’s birth and completely took over everything from cleaning to stocking our freezer chock-full of food. She offered such a sweet companionship that made those last few days before labor, which can be dull and dreary for me, really fly by.
Early morning of my due date, my water broke at 3am… I literally woke up dreaming that I was trying to keep my head above water. After a quick call to my midwife I went back to bed and woke up to a nice strong contraction a couple of hours later. They weren’t coming regularly yet, so my husband and I took a mile and a half stroll around our neighborhood. We talked to a couple of neighbors and stopped every now and then to let those contractions roll on in. That walk kicked everything into gear and little Jane arrived that afternoon at 2:38 pm, August 26th. Such a wonderful and exciting day for our family!
On a side note.. I completely unplugged this summer. I took a break from most forms of social media; blogging, instagram-ing, e-mail, etc. With #5 on the way, a traveling husband and preparing this year’s homeschool, I wanted to enjoy a summer without any outside distractions. Now that Jane is here and we are well into the school year, and are somewhat back into a daily rhythm I plan on posting more on here again. However, I plan on using this space for more than just sewing and crafting, as I mainly have in the past. I hope you will continue to join me in this space, and share your stories and comments as well.

Made for Baby Blog Tour

MFB Banner 1Good Morning, my friends! Welcome to my stop on the Made for Baby Blog Tour!
Let me first tell you a little story. In our house we read lots, and lots, and lots of books. All the children have their own way of listening. Some listen attentively, some climb all over me or the back of the couch, and some prefer to “fix” (run their sticky fingers all through) my hair while listening. Finn, though, likes the pictures. He will make me read the same page over and over just to continue to look at a certain picture. After studying it fully, he will finally look up and exclaim, “I love this picture, Mommy! I want to go there! I want to be in this picture!”
I’m Pretty sure I’m Finn every time I look at Ayda’s pictures. Ayda Algin blogs over at CafenoHut and both her blog and Instagram feed are bursting with beautiful and inspirational photos, projects and ideas. She has an ability to sew “cute” into everything she makes and photograph it perfectly.
Those of you who have been following me on Instagram probably know that we are expecting our fifth little blessing (Baby Jane!) in a couple of months. So, I was thrilled when I saw that sweet Ayda was coming out with a book of 22 little projects… just for baby! Her book Made for Baby, published by Tuva Publishing, encapsulates all that she does best… perfect projects and beautiful pictures. _BLM7828 copy_BLM7650 copy_BLM7674 copy(A)I fell in love with these peter pan collars the minute I saw them. Perfect little addition to spruce up an outfit, and they are even reversible! Sigh… _BLM7736 copy_BLM7735 copy_BLM7708 copyThe “Pillow with Tents”  is a perfect scrap busting project, and a fun way to mix and match and bring together different prints and colors. Although it’s made to be a pillow, I think it would make an adorable wall hanging, too! _BLM7951 copy.jpg_BLM7793 copy(A)_BLM7776-2 copy_BLM7825 copy 2_BLM7940 copy(A)… and the teether above? It is sewn with an oven roasting bag so it makes a fun crinkly noise when played with. Genius!
Ayda is giving away a copy of Made for Baby as well as other exciting goodies over on her blog. Be sure to hop over and enter! You can also purchase your copy of the book here. Enjoy!!
Be sure to check out all the other exciting stops along tour! Here is a full schedule:
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 Have a lovely week!

xoxo, Bridgette

Bunnies and Cream Blog Tour

Bunnies&Cream_Logo_Blog_Tour_WhiteBGGood morning, my friends!
Welcome to my stop on the Bunnies and Cream Blog Tour… I’m so glad you stopped by!
One of my favorite things is when a very seriously talented person turns their talents into adorable fabric. Bunnies and Cream is Lauren Nash’s first fabric line for Penny Rose Fabrics, and just like all of Lauren’s work, this collection is… simply… precious.
Mischievous bunnies,  sweet little baked goods, gingham and florals, strawberries and bows, all in the prettiest spring pastels… pretty amazing, eh?
BLM_BP_B&C008 (1 of 1) copyBLM_BP_B&C006 (1 of 1) copyBLM_BP_B&C007 (1 of 1) copyBLM_BP_B&C0010 (1 of 1) copyBLM_BP_B&C009 (1 of 1) copyA few of the prints actually have some of Lauren’s personal recipes on them which put me in the baking mood right away, so  I thought a cute little patchwork apron for Madeleine would be perfect. And ooh, I love the way all the prints play together.
Next up is a fun little mini quilt I designed using the floral and gingham prints. BLM_BP_B&C004 (1 of 1) copyBLM_BP_B&C002 (1 of 1) copyBLM_BP_B&C003 (1 of 1) copyAn April Showers bunny, because even though I love May flowers I love the April showers almost as much!!
Last up is a cute little tray using Noodlehead’s free pattern found here. I will probably end up using this one to store little odds and ends in my fabric cabinet, but I plan on using my left over Bunnies and Cream scraps to make a whole set of matching trays to fill up with Easter goodies and give away to the children’s friends. BLM_BP_B&C005 (1 of 1) copyBLM_BP_B&C001 (1 of 1) copyThank you so much for stopping by! I hear there are a few places who already have Bunnies and Cream in stock! Yay!! ( Fat Quarter Shop, Ministry of Fabric,  SunnyDaySupply,  SewStitchingHappy)
Don’t forget to make all the stops this week, I definitely will be! Here is a full line up:

xoxo, Bridgette

Quilt Petite Blog Hop


Good morning! Today is my stop on the Quilt Petite Blog Hop and I am happy you have stopped by! Quilt Petite, published by Tuva Publishing, is the first book (hopefully of many) by the sweet Sedef Imer of Down Grapevine Lane and it’s absolutely stunning! (Sedef, you have some serious talent!) The captivating pictures, the adorable projects, the detailed explanations…  it all makes for a truly fun book. A sewist’s treasure.
book.jpgon-point-placemat_0003Sedef uses the term “small quilty things” to describe her book, so I knew it was going to be right up my alley. And how right I was! It’s filled with all kinds of patchwork projects from pillows and mini quilts to placemats and potholders, and brimming with all kinds of fun techniques geared at both the seasoned or the novice sewer. And with the excellent instructions on each project you’re sure to learn new techniques with ease.
 I had a difficult time making up my mind on which project to choose (so much that I actually had fabric pulled and ready to go for three different projects!) before settling down with the “Pretty On-point Placemat”. It was the perfect project to mix with this super cute Christmas fabric (Pixie Noel by Tasha Noel)  so… I made one for each of the children, because we all know Christmas cookies and milk and cozy hot chocolate nights are right around the corner. Yippee!on-point-placemat_0004dsc_0965-copyOn-point Placemat_0005.jpgdsc_1157-copyon-point-placemat_0002dsc_1212-copydsc_1063-copydsc_1011-copydsc_1035-copydsc_0854-copydsc_1263-copyon-point-placemat_0001
The blog hop continues until December 11th, and includes a long list of super talented bloggers! Check out the lineup below. Be sure to check out Wynn and Sarah’s stop and come back tomorrow to see what Heidi’s been working on! I can’t wait to see what each one has lined up!
Also, be sure to visit Down Grapevine Lane for a chance to win a lovely package full of all kinds of goodies, including a copy of Quilt Petite! 
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xoxo, Bridgette

Our Homeschool Year – In Pictures

DSC_0023 copySchool Days _0006DSC_0036 copy1st day, 1st grade 1school-days-_0004School Days _0002School Days _0003School Days _0001DSC_0273-Recovered copyDSC_0304-Recovered copyDSC_0293 copyDSC_0296 copyDSC_0283 copy

  • We began our school year August 22. Liam is in 1st grade, and Madeleine is in Pre-School.
  • Madeleine’s white school dress was made using this pattern. I lengthened it to her knees, shortened the sleeves to mid-lenth and then added elastic instead of sleeve cuff.
  • Her pinafore was made out of  this linen and sewn using this pattern. I added a white lining and left the back open so as to work as a removable pinafore. Inspired by this pin.
  • Learning to press flowers was the highlight of the week. The children picked different weeds and flowers from around the yard and we plan to do this with them.

xoxo, Bridgette

Full Bloom Mini Quilt – A Free Pattern

Posy Garden Mini_0001.jpg

Good morning!
I am going to keep this post short and sweet.  Remember the mini quilt I made for the Posy Garden Blog Tour?
I now have a PDF pattern available for you! It’s a super easy and quick pattern that would make a great weekend project, and perfect to use up those last few scraps from some of your favorite prints.
Click here to download or print.
Tutorial - Full Bloom
If you have any questions about this pattern, feel free to e-mail me at thefamilyhearthblog@gmail.com, I am happy to answer! If you are on Instagram, share your progress with #fullbloommini, I would love to see what you make!
Happy Sewing!

xoxo, Bridgette