Hand-stitched Bunting

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Right now I am totally hooked on english paper piecing.  There is something almost therapeutic about sitting and hand-stitching little pieces of fabric together, not to mention you can pretty much take it anywhere. Which is a big plus with three little ones running every which way during the day.  (Okay, two running and one scooting around pretty quickly.) I spent this weekend sewing colorful hexagons together with my mom, and I think she’s even hooked on it now.

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7 thoughts on “Hand-stitched Bunting

  1. Best use of hexi flowers I’ve seen yet– LOVE IT! Makes me even want to try paper piecing (which scares me a bit!).

    1. Thank you! I traced around and cut a piece of felt to the same size as the finished flower. I trimmed off about 1/16th” around the entire felt piece, just to make sure it wasn’t visible from the front, and then sewed it to the back of the flower.

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