Good Hair Days

DSC_1744 I have waited just about two years to be able to say this, and now I can proudly announce that Madeleine’s hair is long enough for pigtails!  I might have another two years to wait before I can braid it or curl it, but for now she is sporting these pigtails every chance she gets. DSC_1741ENow that she has hair and everything, it’s time to get serious about her little hair accessories. She has exactly one flower clip, a brush, a comb and a new pack of rubber bands. A good enough start for a little hair organizer.DSC_1641DSC_1679one batch (55)Madeleine helped pick out which pictures she would like for patches and I added a few hand-stitches. She has ribbons to hold clips, a zippered pouch for her hair bands, and little pouches for her brush and batch (87)DSC_1729DSC_1710DSC_1746Until next time…

xoxo, Bridgette

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