A Peek into my Sewing Studio

SewingStudioSewing StudioWhen my husband and I first got married, I started a sewing school and gave lessons to children out of my home. I turned one of our rooms into a cute little space and I enjoyed having an area away from everything else to work in. As our own children came along I decided to stop giving lessons and eventually turned my sewing room into a toy room. This meant that all of my sewing stuff was then moved to the basement where I had it until we moved. I didn’t mind working in the basement, but I missed having a cheery place to organize and sew in.
One of the most exciting things about our new house is that it has a bright office with a large window. We decided this would be my sewing studio and I once again have a cheery area to sew in. I’ve shared a few pictures of my room on Instagram already, but I thought today I would share a more in-depth look at it,  now that it is all complete!Sewing Studio WallFabricFabric BoltsSewing Studio BooksThe cabinets are from Ikea and are the perfect storage units for just about everything. The glass doors keep dust (and children!) off of my fabrics and supplies, and there are plenty of shelving and drawers which makes it so easy to keep everything organized and tidy.
Of course, I added a few hanging spool softies to add some color and fun. You can find the tutorial for them here.SpoolsThe wall below is the sad beginning of my mini quilt wall. I am hoping to add to it and fill it up in the near future.ExcellenceMini Quilt WallThe sewing cart and table may be the handiest of all. It opens up to allow me to sew and cut at it and easily moves when I need it to. I was a little hesitant to buy it at first because of the quality of the brand, but I have to say I am absolutely in love with it. It is much sturdier than I expected and adds even more storage. You can buy it here.SewingStudioOn the wall opposite, I have the children’s desks and pre-schooling set up. That allows me to keep them busy and do a little sewing at the same time,  which is a win-win for all of us!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

xoxo, Bridgette

12 thoughts on “A Peek into my Sewing Studio

  1. Thank you!! You gave me sooo many Ideas!!! the sewing chat is amazing!
    I’m creating my sewing space from scratch ( see my post about it if you want) Sadly I don’t have a all room for me like you have! but I would like tit to look just like yours! ❀

  2. Hi, Bridgette, I just found you today while looking for ideas for a sewing room. Your kiddos are so cute, too! I’m 70 and have been sewing for over 50 years. I am, just now, putting together my first sewing area. I love IKEA and want those cabinets so much. Unfortunately, the closest IKEAs to me are 6 hours away. Their shipping costs more than the cabinets. Drat! I thought about the Sauder cabinet, but discounted it for the same reasons you did. I’m reconsidering it. Also, I’m considering a large white farm table instead. I have a Bernina 780, 2 Bernina 930’s, 2 Pfaff machines, 2 Brother embroidery only machines and a serger. I don’t have all that much space, either! I’m looking for clever ideas like yours. Thanks for the blog and for the free patterns you post. I means a lot.

  3. I just ordered these pieces for my own sewing room and am OVER THE MOON excited. I do have a question…I just had the yummiest wallpaper installed and wonder if you anchored your cabinets to your walls…I hate the thought of putting holes in my new wallpaper…

    1. Oh, How exciting! Sounds beautiful! I absolutely love this set. I never have anchored them in. The legs have screw-out protectors for balancing purposes, so I just screwed out the front two legs a little higher than the back legs to help keep the units firm against my wall and I haven’t had any problems. πŸ™‚ Happy sewing!!

      1. yay! thank you! CANNOT WAIT…hey, wanna come over tomorrow and assemble with me?! πŸ™‚

      2. Eeek!!! I’m in love! I am so thankful for your inspiration. I hope you don’t mind me copycatting, but what you did was so perfect!

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