Santa Mail Pillow

SantaLettersIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here!  Which is a good thing since it doesn’t exactly feel like Christmas. It was 85F here yesterday, and I am finding myself longing for snow. Last Sunday, we decided to cozy up with the kiddies and watch the Polar Express (for the first time of many this season I am sure.) It was midday but we were all snuggly in our pajamas and covers and if you closed your eyes you could almost pretend is was cold and snowy outside. It was pretty much perfect… until the ice-cream man came rolling down our street playing his summery tunes and melted the fake snow in my head. Aahh well. We will be traveling home for a week right after Christmas, so I am sure I will get my cold, snowy fix then.
In the meantime, the inside of our house is still humming with Christmas excitement and anticipation and I am having more fun than ever getting things ready. We pulled out the Santa Mailbox I made last year, and I am pretty sure it has already seen more letters in the past couple of days than it did all of last Christmas. There is a lot of cutting, taping, gluing and stickering going on here.
This year I thought I would add another fun way for them to send off their letters to Santa with a Santa Mail pillow. Letterstosanta_pillow006I had way too much fun making the little envelopes for each child and they double up as pockets for storing their letters. This is also a fun way for me to be able to sneak letters from Santa or other goodies back to them.
For Liam’s envelope I traced his own handwriting of “Love, Liam” before I stitched it, to help personalize it a little. Letterstosanta_pillow005Letterstosanta_pillow001Letterstosanta_pillow002SantaLetters_Pillow001SantaLetters_PillowTomorrow is Friday fun night / Christmas movie night, so I am off to make movie tickets and a popcorn and hot chocolate voucher. (To make it more official, of course.) I think I will just leave them in their pillow envelopes and address them from Santa. 🙂

xoxo, Bridgette

4 thoughts on “Santa Mail Pillow

  1. The Santa Mail pillow is a cute idea. Love all the details Bridgette. Enjoy movie night with your family. We have Friday movie night with our children. They look forward to it each week. I can see your Bakery Shop on the shelf. Look forward to seeing your next addition to the village. Have a beautiful weekend

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Julia! Yes, our children count down the days until Friday movie night, too. It’s a much anticipated night especially during Christmas time. I love to hear that your family does it as well. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You’re welcome Bridgette. It’s a family tradition we wanted to start with our children. Something to look back on with fondness in years to come. We’ll have to search for Christmas themed movies to watch for the next few weeks. I’m so glad your family does movie night. It’s a fun time for everyone. We can’t forget the treats ;o)

    We’re listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas music right now. Starting to feel the spirit of Christmas. I love it!! We’re setting up the Christmas tree tonight (late this year due to hubby’s work schedule)

    Have a great week, Julia xx

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