Stuffed Christmas Village

ChristmasVillage_0005If you have been following me on Instagram, you may have already seen the beginnings of what I am calling a “child-friendly Christmas Village”. As a little girl, I loved Christmas villages. They are so quaint and cute, and I use to wish I could just shrink down and live in their world. I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas village that the children could play and imagine with, made just for little hands.
Of course, there is no better place to start (…at least in my mind) than the Christmas Village Bakery. Especially if it offers coffee, cakes and pies. Mmmm….ChristmasVillage_0007BakeryChristmasVillage_0001The next addition was the Village Toy Shoppe, complete with big windows for little window shoppers. Adding all the little details was definitely the most fun part of each building. Imagine all the different details you could do! Ahhh…
I used lots of starch and fusible Wonder Under to attach each piece of fabric before sewing them into place and then drew on and hand-stitched the details.ChristmasVillage_0006ChristmasVillage_0003ChristmasVillage_0004ChristmasVillage_0008.jpgThe little village has already started gathering occupants. These little Christmas mice were a gift from my mom when I was about 10. I have always loved them and now Madeleine loves them just as much. Aren’t they the cutest?ChristmasVillage_0002

xoxo, Bridgette

6 thoughts on “Stuffed Christmas Village

  1. These are darling, Bridgette, and you’re making the designs yourself?‼ They are perfect size for your figures. I’m proud of your good work and hear many compliments on it,too.😊

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