Sharing a Little Secret…

WatermarkSo, I have been keeping a little secret over the past couple of months. A secret I announced on Instagram a few weeks ago, and am just now getting around to sharing with my dear readers here…
We are expecting a little baby boy, and he is due to arrive in just two short weeks!
Since he is our first little one in our new home we decided to pretty much start from scratch with the nursery, and have spent the last two months remodeling and preparing everything for our sweet babe. (And Finian! Who is still in the crib and loving his new space.)RoomLadderPicturesMy husband spent the first weekend wood paneling the back wall. I am crazy about ship plank walls, and just love the character it adds to the room without taking away from the softness I was going for. While he had his tools out, I talked him into building a blanket ladder and a set of shelves. He is so good at turning what I have in my head into the real deal!
The animal prints are by far Finian’s favorite part. He wakes up pointing and talking about them everyday. They really are the sweetest prints and I think I squealed when I found them because they are exactly what I was looking for. They are available from James River Studios on Etsy. (His entire shop is a must see!)
For our new little one’s quilt, I decided to go with a very simple patchwork square quilt in low volume prints, and a sweet little hand-stitched tag. QuiltQuilt TagSheepySheepySheepThis little crochet sheep may be my most favorite toy I’ve ever crocheted. He is so sweet and was so much fun to make! I added the little linen tag when he was finished and just hand sewed it in to place. The pattern is by Lanukas. (You can find the translated version on Pinterest here.)ShelfBlocksBaptismalOutfit1BaptismalOutfitFor the wood blocks, I found a set of 2″ wooden squares from Michaels, and sanded the sides and corners smooth. The pictures are from a Peter Rabbit book that had been loved to pieces and was falling apart. I cut each picture a little less than 2″, rounded the corners, and Modge Podged them  to the squares.
The baptismal outfit is one I had sewn when I was expecting Liam. It has now been worn by both Liam and Finian and it makes me so excited to see it hanging there waiting to be worn by our third son. The wooden fixtures that it is hanging on is another make by my husband. I found the round raw wood pieces and knobs at Hobby Lobby and he turned them into the perfect hanging displays.FinnMadeleineThe children are beyond excited to meet their little brother. They giggle and crowd around my belly with every little kick and move. They sing to him and talk to him. He is already loved so much.

xoxo, Bridgette

6 thoughts on “Sharing a Little Secret…

  1. Your entire nursery is beautiful- but the blanket ladder is by far the best idea for a nursery I’ve seen! I love the idea of seeing all those cute blankies, but also being able to grab a new one when one gets messy! Wishing you all the best 🙂

  2. The room looks so peaceful and sweet. I love the blocks. What a very impressive project you and Nick completed and how delighted everyone must be! I can’t wait to see it and you all and lil’ one 😊 !!!

    1. Thank you, Mom! The children really do love it, too. At each new project they like to ask us for complete details, and then occasionally stop their play to come tell us, “It’s looking good!” or “I can see you’re working hard, Mom and Dad!” (They’re so encouraging! 😂)

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