Made for Baby Blog Tour

MFB Banner 1Good Morning, my friends! Welcome to my stop on the Made for Baby Blog Tour!
Let me first tell you a little story. In our house we read lots, and lots, and lots of books. All the children have their own way of listening. Some listen attentively, some climb all over me or the back of the couch, and some prefer to “fix” (run their sticky fingers all through) my hair while listening. Finn, though, likes the pictures. He will make me read the same page over and over just to continue to look at a certain picture. After studying it fully, he will finally look up and exclaim, “I love this picture, Mommy! I want to go there! I want to be in this picture!”
I’m Pretty sure I’m Finn every time I look at Ayda’s pictures. Ayda Algin blogs over at CafenoHut and both her blog and Instagram feed are bursting with beautiful and inspirational photos, projects and ideas. She has an ability to sew “cute” into everything she makes and photograph it perfectly.
Those of you who have been following me on Instagram probably know that we are expecting our fifth little blessing (Baby Jane!) in a couple of months. So, I was thrilled when I saw that sweet Ayda was coming out with a book of 22 little projects… just for baby! Her book Made for Baby, published by Tuva Publishing, encapsulates all that she does best… perfect projects and beautiful pictures. _BLM7828 copy_BLM7650 copy_BLM7674 copy(A)I fell in love with these peter pan collars the minute I saw them. Perfect little addition to spruce up an outfit, and they are even reversible! Sigh… _BLM7736 copy_BLM7735 copy_BLM7708 copyThe “Pillow with Tents”  is a perfect scrap busting project, and a fun way to mix and match and bring together different prints and colors. Although it’s made to be a pillow, I think it would make an adorable wall hanging, too! _BLM7951 copy.jpg_BLM7793 copy(A)_BLM7776-2 copy_BLM7825 copy 2_BLM7940 copy(A)… and the teether above? It is sewn with an oven roasting bag so it makes a fun crinkly noise when played with. Genius!
Ayda is giving away a copy of Made for Baby as well as other exciting goodies over on her blog. Be sure to hop over and enter! You can also purchase your copy of the book here. Enjoy!!
Be sure to check out all the other exciting stops along tour! Here is a full schedule:
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 Have a lovely week!

xoxo, Bridgette

5 thoughts on “Made for Baby Blog Tour

  1. Such adorable makes! 💕 And congratulations on the baby on the way! I envy that you have can make all these things for a new baby! My babies are too old. 😕

  2. Your little collars are so sweet and the cushion is delightful as are the fabric choices. My copy of Ayda’s book is on its way from the UK…can’t wait.

  3. Adorable! Your new little one will be the cutest thing ever in her sweet new outfits 🙂

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