Meet Baby Jane…

BLM-177020953389_10104837835665470_6339398875301675065_nBLM_0001IMG_3035IMG_3096IMG_311421105860_10156543067192738_2842019455428319780_n21433253_10156583395302738_4694087569060645354_nMommy and Girls_PSBLM-0957AKilianJane PSProfile_PSLittle FIngers_PSjaniesmiles2Janie Mads_PSKiddies_PSSmileyJaneTestDaddyJane_PSMommyJane_PS_1Jane Anastasia.
She arrived in the end of August, right on time and perfect as can be. My sister-in-law, Marie, came down to stay a couple of weeks, and made my life a dream come true. She arrived 6 days before Jane’s birth and completely took over everything from cleaning to stocking our freezer chock-full of food. She offered such a sweet companionship that made those last few days before labor, which can be dull and dreary for me, really fly by.
Early morning of my due date, my water broke at 3am… I literally woke up dreaming that I was trying to keep my head above water. After a quick call to my midwife I went back to bed and woke up to a nice strong contraction a couple of hours later. They weren’t coming regularly yet, so my husband and I took a mile and a half stroll around our neighborhood. We talked to a couple of neighbors and stopped every now and then to let those contractions roll on in. That walk kicked everything into gear and little Jane arrived that afternoon at 2:38 pm, August 26th. Such a wonderful and exciting day for our family!
On a side note.. I completely unplugged this summer. I took a break from most forms of social media; blogging, instagram-ing, e-mail, etc. With #5 on the way, a traveling husband and preparing this year’s homeschool, I wanted to enjoy a summer without any outside distractions. Now that Jane is here and we are well into the school year, and are somewhat back into a daily rhythm I plan on posting more on here again. However, I plan on using this space for more than just sewing and crafting, as I mainly have in the past. I hope you will continue to join me in this space, and share your stories and comments as well.

3 thoughts on “Meet Baby Jane…

  1. She is just perfect! Congrats!! I would love to know more about her sweet hats… especially that mustard one in the last photo. Did you make it, if so what is the pattern? Thanks and I look forward to seeing what you’re working on again.

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